Diane and Larry

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to get to know us a little better. We hope that our words and pictures will give you a glimpse of who we are and show the abundant love we have for each other and our desire to share that love with a child. It takes great love and selflessness to choose life and then make an adoption plan for your baby. We will pray for you and your precious baby every day.

Our Dream to Adopt

We knew from the beginning that this relationship was right and forever. Unfortunately we have been trying unsuccessfully to build a family of our own since we got married. In 2004, we conceived twin boys with the assistance of reproductive technology but unfortunately the pregnancy was interrupted during the sixth month and we lost both of our sons. It was our faith in God and our strong family support that has led us through our grief and to the miracle of adoption. We believe the child that is meant for us will find its way home to fill our hearts with joy and love once again.

About Us

We met at Diane’s father’s house during a birthday party for Diane’s two brothers, Alex and Stephen. We knew we were meant for each other a week after we started dating. We married 9 months later. Together we enjoy walks on the beach, and we often take walks in our neighborhood. Last year we enjoyed our trip to Disney World and cannot wait to return with our child. Some of our favorite activities are spending time with family and friends. Larry’s daughters Allison, 14 and Brittany, 17 from his first marriage, do not live with us but we enjoy our time with them. They can’t wait for us to bring home a brother or sister.

Larry with daughter Allison in Disney World,

Flintstone style!

Larry building our patio.

Larry Diane under our Christmas tree.

About Our Family

We live with our two cats, Cory and Mamma Cat. Both are very lovable and we have a great time playing with them.

Larry’s Family… Larry is an identical twin, with his brother Garry, and also has a sister and younger brother. His mom and step-dad are the grandparents of 9 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren but have been anticipating the arrival of a precious addition to our family. We are very close with Larry’s twin brother Garry and his family.

Diane’s Family…Diane is the oldest of five brothers and one sister, the youngest who is twelve. Although both of her parents are re-married, she has a very close relationship with all four parents. Her mom, step-dad, sister and three of her brothers do not live nearby but she speaks to them regularly on the phone. We take annual trips to visit them and exchange pictures via the internet.

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Our tradition is to spend Christmas Eve with Diane’s family and Christmas Day with Larry’s. We look forward to the holidays because they are such special events in our lives. It’s the time of year we can enjoy our families. We are especially looking forward to sharing these events with a child.

Larry with his brothers, sister and parents.

Diane with her father.

Larry with our nieces Cassidy Alexa

over Thanksgiving. They couldn't wait

to watch Polar Express!

About Our Neighborhood

We moved into our development about two years ago. It’s a new community and on any given day, you can see families walking their baby strollers, and kids playing basketball and riding bikes. One of the reasons we moved here was so that our child could be surrounded by other young children to play with. The playground, which we are all eagerly awaiting construction of, is just one block away. There is a strong family atmosphere here. Our neighborhood is filled with young families and small children. It’s a wonderful environment for a child to grow up in. We are very happy here. Our neighbors are like family. We often get together with them for birthdays, holiday parties, game night, and barbeques.

We hope someday soon that our child will be participating in all these community activities. Especially the play dates with other neighborhood children. Our community is very excited about the arrival of our child. He or she will be welcomed with open arms.

Our neighborhood Halloween party.

Katrina relief fund, which Diane

helped to organize.

Diane building a macaroni necklace

with Madison Spencer.

About My Husband

"Larry is the love of my life. One week after we started dating, I remember telling a friend that he’s the one! Four months later we were engaged. I remember on our first date, Larry had this gentle yet strong demeanor. I think I was in love with him from the very first date. Larry is my rock. We balance each other perfectly. When I need support he’s there and when Larry needs support, there I am. Some of the best qualities about Larry are that he is very kind and easy going. I cannot imagine my life without him. He is wonderful with all of our nieces and nephews."

About My Wife

"Diane is a beautiful, loving and caring person. She puts the needs of everyone else before her own. She is a devoted wife, step mother, and my best friend. I can always count on her support and her wisdom when I need it. Diane is always volunteering to help others. She helped organize a Katrina relief drive in our community and does volunteer work for the March of Dimes. Her selflessness is one of the qualities that drew me to her. Diane has a kind gentle way about her that everybody loves and respects. She loves to be around family. Diane has an aura about her when it comes to children. She is fun and energetic and loves to play."

Final Thoughts

If we are fortunate enough to be chosen by you, your baby will grow up in a loving and nurturing home surrounded by family and friends. Your baby will be loved by our entire family and will be considered the greatest blessing in our lives. Your child will know the indescribable sacrifice and selflessness that went into your life-giving decision. We are very excited about building our family through adoption and are honored that you took the time to consider us as part of your adoption plan. We would be happy to meet with you if you wish and share future letters and pictures. Thank you for the opportunity to share our lives with you.

With Sincere Gratitude,

Diane and Larry

To find out more about us, you may contact our lawyer, our adoption agency, or call / email us direct.

Lawyer, Eric Gustafson

Website: www.northwestadoptions.com

Phone: 1-800-238-KIDS (1-800-238-5437) Ask for Sarah or Sally, Eric's very kind and experienced assistants

Adoption Agency: A Loving Choice Adoption Associates

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